Employee Testimonials

To work with different people isn’t always about the credits you receive, but the contentment and satisfaction you get whenever someone appreciates the work you’ve done. It’s not about exploring your options, but it’s merely indulging yourself to a lot of new learnings, new challenges and new beginnings. It’s like starting from scratch, and ending up with a magnificent MASTERPIECE. This is how I feel working with and for CTCS.
– Ever Dimailig, Sr. Title Processor


I am proud to be part of CTCS family for almost 3 years now and to witness its growth is a blessing. I’m lucky to work in an environment that is fun and professional at the same time. QUALITY, EXCELLENCE and DEDICATION – these are some of the things CTCS has taught me. Without hesitation, I can say that CTCS puts forth the most comprehensive effort and exhibits the quality of service in its desire to achieve excellence to their clients. Thank You!
– Sherrie Umali Assistant Manager


It’s my first time working in a BPO Industry handling quite a challenging position where there is no room for errors or inaccuracies. But I know this will feed my continuous hunger for excellence as an individual and will certainly be useful for my plan to grow as a professional individual. Here at CTCS, they have awesome people who will make the most out of your day. Thanks. =)
– Lawrence L. Dimapilis, Title Processor


Working at CTCS is like a never ending exploration. There are always new things to learn. There are such great people to work with plus a stress‐free environment. I’m honored to have the opportunity to work here and to share my knowledge in this kind of business.


– Joseph Ray Pituc, Title Processor


How well and how long you will work for a company will depend on how you feel at work.
I always feel great when coming to work – this is the type of environment CTCS provides its employees. It is difficult to look for a job that will satisfy and fulfill you – but that is what I have with CTCS.
Thank you CTCS!!!
– Vincent Abando, Manager


Working here has been the turning point of my career. I appreciate this work and I am grateful for the trust you’ve placed in me and for giving me the opportunity to be connected with your respected company.
I cannot measure your contribution in my life because the value you have added to my career with your inspirational guidance and unlimited knowledge is priceless. It’s always nice to work with a well‐envisioned company. Positive energy in the office radiates into us. It is a great pleasure working here!! Thank You!
– Jean Grace L. Lojo, Title Processor


Working for Clear to Close Services (CTCS) is a great experience. Nowadays it’s hard to find a good and stable job, but this company opened their arms and never hesitated to give us greenhorns (title processing wise) the chance to prove ourselves.
CTCS is not about earning money, it is about earning knowledge and good friends who can help you boost your self‐esteem. CTCS provides excellent training to help you prepare for the actual work and allows us to work with a leader who is supportive to everyone. No one can really beat what CTCS is doing for its people. I can definitely say that we are one big happy family. Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to experience what you had experienced, to feel what you had felt and to taste what you had tasted, and as long as CTCS trusts me then I will stay because your company’s success is also my success.
Thank you and more power!!!
– Rochelle I. Altura, Title Processor


I consider myself very blessed to be a part of this company – a company who enhanced my abilities and made me as competent as I am now. CTCS taught me how to surpass challenges and be the best that I can be. Our bosses treat us not just as employees but like their own family. They never fail to remind us that we can always excel in whatever kind of work we are given. They always lend their hands to help in times of need. I would like to express my extreme gratitude to CTCS for giving me the opportunity to grow and develop as an employee and as a person.
CTCS takes you to the highest level!!!
– Loriel Juyag, Title Processor


I have been with different companies but I must say, working with CTCS (Clear to Close Services) ) is unique.. Employees not only show concern for their work but also for their colleagues’ – like a family ‐and I consider myself lucky to be a part of CTCS family. I’m looking forward to more years of working with CTCS. I love what I do and I can’t think of a more important thing than that!!
– Rielin Garing, Title Processor


I have worked for many BPO companies but I have never experienced the treatment that CTCS gives its employees. Most of us work for monetary reasons and we tend to forget the other things that we can get from the company. CTCS is a hassle free and stress free company. They provide a fun working environment and fruitful training. My stay in CTCS is really life changing. I’m a new kid on the block and staying with the company for almost 3 months now I really learned a lot. Learning that can be used in my future endeavors. CTCS management is very friendly and approachable. They are also like regular employees. They do work hard but still provide a relaxed environment just for the sake of the people around them. Thank you CTCS!!! Carpe diem.
– Ronnie Nery, Title Processor


Working with one of the most reputable companies is a privilege for me. Being with the company for almost 3 months has not been difficult because the people around me are professionals and that is why there is a desire for career growth. I’m blessed every day because I know I’m part of the CTCS family. It molded my skills during training and made me the superior employee I am today. I’m looking forward for more months/years of working with CTCS because I know I deserve to be part of the family.
– Shirley Grace Verzosa,Title Processor


Every day is learning day..
I’ve learned and experienced a lot already during the course of my stay here. Quite life‐changing in terms of time management but enjoyable. You won’t feel that you are really working because the environment is very friendly.
Thank you CTCS!!
– Roxanne Joy Ramirez, Title Processor


What can I say about CTCS, hmmmm…? Sharing something about how I feel about this company always makes me speechless. No words can describe how I love this company. This is a home for me and I mean “HOME”. I had my share of ups and downs and fortunately my CTCS family has always been there to support me. I am grateful I have this job and will always be NO MATTER WHAT.
– Fifi Lucero, Title Processor


Working with CTCS is both an honor and a great pleasure, not only personally but also professionally. CTCS opened up a whole new world to me. This is where I really want my career to be in right now.
I’m truly having a fabulous time working here. As a company CTCS has met my expectations, and I am happy and thankful that and I have learned a lot – work and life related!!!
– Evelyn Vertido, Title Processor


Right from the start, Clear to Close Services (CTCS) impressed me with their efficient, professional manner – an approach that not only inspired confidence, but generated the results I was looking for in a company. It is really an exciting and positive experience for me. CTCS also inspired me to be passionately committed not only to my work but also in everything I do.
– Francis Elizabeth M. Santos, Title Processor


CTCS is awesome because the employees and management are approachable and easy to deal with. CTCS is definitely a great place to learn something new and grow as a professional.
– MJ Sobida, Quality Control Specialist


This is the first time I worked in a BPO industry. That’s why I’d like to thank CTCS who helped me get through the hardships and trials. I would not be in the position I am right now without your help. You made it all possible for me to cope and adapt. I thank God that He made me a part of CTCS Family. This is what I really want.I know with CTCS I have a bright future ahead Thank You!
– Policarpio C. Olan Jr., Title Processor


It’s nice to work for Clear To Close Services and with managers who believe that “SUCCESS BELONGS ONLY TO THOSE WHO WORK HARD” and dedicated employees that will always work with you like a team. At CTCS, it doesn’t matter where you’re from, who you are, or what you have achieved….What matters is your willingness to work despite the hardships and trials and believe that you CAN achieve your goals. This is what my CTCS family has taught me!!
– Raffy Pastrana, Tracker


I always look for a company who will not only suffice my needs but also build, guide and mold me as an individual and a professional, and I found it here in CTCS. was the smart choice for me!!! Thank You!
– Alvin Klenn Ferraro, Title Processor


CTCS is a good company. This company has really nice employees and I’ve learned a lot from each and every one. I’ve dreamt of working in the corporate world, and this company gave me the chance to use my skills and abilities to do good work. As a new hire, CTCS gave me the opportunities that will help me develop further in the title industry. Thank you CTCS!!!
– Paul Vincent Orland B. Leynes ‐Title Processor


I have been working with this prestigious company for almost 2 years. From what I have experienced my co-workers are very approachable. What I like the most is that we have a friendly environment that helps me a lot to easily communicate with them. My work here helps me professionally and personally.
CTCS taught me that I should treat my job as a challenge for me to be a better employee.
– Mary Cabasan, Quality Control Specialist