Clear to Close Services (CTCS) is a nationwide Title Processing Partner. Our firm specializes in comprehensive title processing encompassing refinance, sale, purchase, short sale, foreclosure, REO, deed in lieu, relocation, reverse mortgage, and 1031 exchange. We operate a high volume, scalable, dual shore processing model, leveraging different time zones, to ensure quality leadership, unrivalled turnaround times and cost competitiveness. Whatever your real estate needs, we have the expertise to assist.


Our staff brings years of extensive experience in the title, mortgage, and real estate industry. We use a unique and selective hiring, training and internal certification process to ensure that all of our employees are well-qualified and have the knowledge of the most recent real estate procedures. This allows us to deliver top-of-the-line quality with speed, to help accelerate your business.


At CTCS, we recognize the importance of excellent and efficient service, at a competitive price point. We have created an agile work process that optimizes the workload through cross trained teamwork and consolidation. Our re-engineering team continually looks to reduce overhead costs, improve business practices, and eliminate workflow bottlenecks.


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CTCS Advantage

At CTCS we ensure the highest technological security in the industry with a highly trained and professional support staff. View our video below and see how we can help you and your business succeed.


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