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ALTA’s Third Pillar: Protecting NPI


Pillar #3, NPI (Non-Public Information), involves both the physical and electronic security of customer data as required by law. Are your file cabinets locked? Who has access to the keys? Can employees use smart phones, USB and disks in the office? All it takes is one second to capture a bank account number with the click of a smartphone camera.

Cyber Hackers Create New Schemes Weekly

Trojan horses, rootkits and denial-of-service malware attacks can enable hackers to gain remote access to your computer network. Hackers can steal valuable NPI without you knowing it. Your IT staff will need to train your entire organization on the dangers of clicking on a strange file or downloading an executable file.

Considerations for Protecting NPI

Encryption, security controls, firewalls and cloud access can protect NPI. Here are a few relevant considerations to keep in mind in order to protect NPI.

•    Do you understand the associated security problems related with mobile banking?

ALTA's Third Pillar Protecting NPI

•    Do you have guidelines for password creation? The most complex PIN – using a combination of numbers, letters and punctuation – is best.

•    Trust insurance companies must have a paper shredding and disposal plan in place. Do you have your own disposal machine or do you hire a third-party service? Have you check their credentials recently?

•    The American Land and Title Association wants firms to create a Written Disaster Management Plan in the instances of data breaches

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