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With the passing of CFPB regulations, paying serious attention to regulatory compliance is mandatory for both Title and Mortgage companies. CTCS’s IT framework and processes are being aligned with ALTA Best Practices to ensure the highest level of confidentiality, data integrity and availability.


Technology Infrastructure

Through our trusted US based technology partners, our data and email servers are hosted at a world-class data center supported by certified engineers 24/7/365.


Network Security

Our network is monitored by state-of-the art Intrusion Detection technology which includes features such as: Intrusion detection/attack blocking, web content filtering, edge device level anti-virus/malware, VPN and load balancing, robust audit logs.


Compliant Records Management by CertainSafe™

CTCS has teamed with CertainSafe a web-based, off site “Compliant” secure data storage
vault that gives CTCS and it’s client the ability to store and retrieve MicroEncrypted™ and MicroTokenized™ documents and data of ANY type in the safest of ways. MicroTokenization™ protects data by breaking down files and MicroEncrypting them all the way down to the byte level. These various tokens are then scattered across different servers, and reassembled when files are accessed. This defeats the hacker who cannot gain access to one complete file.



Email System – Highly secure and encrypted Digital Link Protection (DLP) based email systems

The American Land Title Association has implemented “best practice” guidelines for securing email communications and CTCS takes proactive steps to ensure the protection of sensitive, non-public personal information (NPI). CTCS uses highly secure and encrypted Digital Link Protection (DLP) based email systems. DLP technology automatically identifies key information such as social security numbers, drivers’ license numbers, and bank account numbers. Next, the secure technology encrypts your email and presents your recipient with a secure data link. Our secure email ensures we are in compliance and taking action to protect valuable consumer data.


Password Management & Access Auditing (coming soon)

CTCS is in the process of implementing a secure, two-factor authentication system. Being able to utilize two-factor authentication speak volumes on our commitment to not only security, but identity management and user access auditing.

Phone System – CTCS uses a highly secure and reliable “SHORETEL” system


Computer Workstation and Security Measures
  • Employees’ access to user data and Internet granted by Management based on Project/Client assignment
  • Remote Desktop connection via secure VPN controlled by Management
  • No Access to public domains
  • Use of data recovery devices such as floppy disks, CD/DVD ROMs, USB devices, and external HDDs prohibited
  • Clean Desk Policy – No Printing Allowed



Our Employees
  • Strict background checks.
  • All Employees sign Non-Circumvent and Confidentiality Agreements.
  • Training on Security Protocols.
  • Use of cell phones and voice recording devices prohibited.



On Site Security Measures
  • Closed-circuit television monitoring for entire office area. 24/7.
  • Security Officer patrols entire building including work area. 24/7.
  • Security check (bags, frisking, etc) upon employees’ entry/leaving the office building.
  • Biometric system for employees timekeeping. (clock-in, clock-out)
  • Lockers to safe keep employees’ belongings.
  • Equipped with GMP33PX6S modern commercial generator to prevent downtime


For more information regarding our technological infrastructure and security, please give us a call at (877) 515-CTCS.