Clear to Close Services (CTCS) offers specialized Purchase Title Processing. It all starts with our experienced and knowledgeable Title Processors and we attract the very best! With our extensive practice around the real estate purchasing process we have created a comprehensive knowledge base of nuances, unique to different types of purchase transactions, and compliance requirements.
An illustrative list of some of the details we consider in our exhaustive checklist, when processing a purchase transaction are as follows:
CTCS Pipleline Chart - Transaction Type

Sales Contract Review

Reviewing details of the contract for missing information and required addendums and supporting documents. (i.e. Copy of the EMD, Title Company (client) must be listed in the contract, confirming if rent back is present and post settlement occupancy agreement is attached, Home Warranty, etc.). Contract is also reviewed for required signatory (including initials) on each page of the document. If all current owners as appears on the land records executed the contract…and so on.


It is crucial to pay attention to proper details in the payoff. There are important details to pay attention to when ordering and receiving the payoff statement such as knowing the difference between Conventional and FHA payoff or a straight second mortgage to a home equity line of credit. Some claims may be due to a shortage on mortgage payoff.

Homeowners Association

CTCS queries the home owners association obtaining information such as current balance, delinquencies (including penalty and interests) and all other fees associated to transfer the HOA to the new homeowner (Buyer).

Proper entry of fees or figures into the HUD-1
  • Real estate agent’s commissions and admin fees.
  • Seller Subsidy
  • Real Estate tax dues and pro-rations
  • HOA and Condo dues
  • Payoff
  • Lender fees
  • Pre-paid figures
  • Escrows (Insurance and Taxes)
  • Title Company fees
  • Transfer and Recordation charges and more…


Title Commitment Preparation and Curative

CTCS has acquired deep and domain specific expertise in Title Insurance Underwriting. Our title processors are rigorously certified and trained to determine different types of title defects and proper procedures to clear each lien. CTCS provides continuous refresher training and education to our title processors ensuring they remain up-to date on industry procedures and guidelines.
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