Title & Settlement Services

The title process is one that requires precise, accurate information acquired in a number of critical steps crucial to a successful title acquisition. It’s a process that also requires experience and diligence to eliminate any risk claims detrimental to title acquisition. We have designed our work process to guarantee a swift, seamless and accurate transaction 100% of the time.

Our team of experienced industry specialists at CTCS works collaboratively with underwriters and title companies, to consistently deliver prompt, successful results. Efficiency and professional expertise are our claims to success and the results speak for themselves. With our proprietary workflows, we provide a speedy turn-around of the title search process, enabling us to handle large transactional volumes efficiently and seamlessly.

Our Quality Control Managers/Senior level Title Processors have seven to ten years of proven expertise under their belts. They perform the checks and balances necessary to ensure accuracy and attention to detail when helping you through your transaction. In addition, our dynamic senior management team has over 20 years of experience behind them in the title industry. They are an inspiring, proactive, hands-on team dedicated to continuously upgrading the team’s education with ongoing educational classes in the latest procedures and industry guidelines.



Order Entry

CTCS is experience in all types of Title Software to complete a data entry process. This service includes entering the information provided on the Sales Contract and/or Title Request Form/1003 into your software.

Sales Contract Review

Reviewing details of the contract for missing information and required addendums and supporting documents. (i.e. Copy of the EMD, Title Company (client) must be listed in the contract, confirming if rent back is present and post settlement occupancy agreement is attached, Home Warranty, etc.). Contract is also reviewed for required signatory (including initials) on each page of the document. If all current owners as appears on the land records executed the contract…and so on.

Abstract Order

CTCS can order your abstract/property search from your list of abstractors. This service includes follow up on each request until is received.


Title Processing

Title Commitment Preparation

Our Title Commitment preparation process starts by reviewing the Title Search documents thoroughly. Carefully reviewing chain of ownership to determine any broken chain on title. Searching for additional requirements in connection to the current transaction in process. The Title Commitment is prepared in accordance to the information and documentation revealed in the Title Search/Abstract.


Insured Closing Letter/Closing Protection Letter


Title Docs Preparation

CTCS will merge and/or prepare all types of documents related to title processing such as Deed, Subordination Agreement, Power of Attorney, Judgment Affidavit, Name Affidavit, Continuous Marriage Affidavit, etc.


Pre-Closing / Curative

Payoff Processing and Review

Ordering of payoff, follow up and verification of statement (borrowers, property address, etc.). It is crucial to pay attention to proper details in the payoff. There are important details to pay attention to when ordering and receiving the payoff statement such as knowing the difference between Conventional and FHA payoff or a straight second mortgage to a home equity line of credit. Some claims may be due to a shortage on mortgage payoff.


HOA Processing and Review

CTCS queries the home owners association obtaining information such as current balance, delinquencies (including penalty and interests) and all other fees associated to transfer the HOA to the new homeowner (Buyer).


Subordination Processing

Gathering all requirements and submission of a complete subordination package to lenders. CTCS has the most up to date list of requirements for subordination processing for all lenders.


Title Clearing (Judgments, UDOT’s and other Liens)

CTCS has acquired deep and domain specific expertise in Title Insurance Underwriting. Our title processors are rigorously certified and trained to determine different types of title defects and proper procedures to clear each lien. CTCS provides continuous refresher training and education to our title processors ensuring they remain up-to date on industry procedures and guidelines.


Tax Certification

CTCS thoroughly verifies real estate tax information through online research or through verbal verification over the phone. This includes assessment, payment, delinquency and due date verification. We also verify for other additional taxes that may apply to the subject property (city, town, school, etc.)



Closing Package Review

Review the closing package for completion of pages, signature, date, notary and check for accuracy of information entered on each form/document.


Closing Docs Preparation

Besides the lender’s document, there are other forms and documents required to be signed at closing. CTCS will prepare or merge the required documents and send it with the complete closing package.


Final HUD-1 Preparation

CTCS prepares HUD-1 in compliance to the lender’s instruction. This service includes proper and accurate entry of fees or figures into the HUD-1/Software such as Real Estate agent’s commissions and admin fees, Seller Subsidy, Property taxes dues and pro-rations, HOA/Condo dues and fees, Payoff, Lender fees, Pre-Paid amounts, Escrows (Insurance and Taxes), Title Company fees, Transfer and Recordation charges and more.


Scheduling of Closing

Scheduling of closing with your preferred notary, settlement agent or Attorney. Scheduling confirmation is delivered via fax, email, system or other preferred method.



Title Policies

CTCS types the Deed and Deed of Trust’s recording information into your system. Our Policy Department verifies from the lender’s instruction (Lender’s Policy) to confirm that all conditions have been met. Policies are then generated and submitted ready for printing and mail out.



Electronic recording of documents for all available counties nationwide.


Release Tracking

Our Release Tracking Service is used by many lenders, attorneys and title companies Nationwide. This is the fastest, most cost-effective, and accurate solution to avoid a possible claim due to unreleased mortgages. Once any parties responsible on releasing a lien is found in violation of the statutory compliance, our legal department takes immediate action.